The Bone-i-Fide Bakery & Grooming is situated at 127 Laurens Street SW, in downtown Aiken, South Carolina. Good hygiene is indispensable to protect your best friend.  A dog not looked after (dirty or knotted fur) is much more prone to skin diseases and scratching as parasites cannot be easily detected. With regular grooming these problems can be quickly detected.

Our Grooming salon proposes:

  • Wash and brush
  • Wash and clipping/cut with scissors
  • Nail clipping
  • Cleaning eyes, ears and teeth.
  • VIP Express Service

more informations:

  • The clip ....  We have experience with the different styles of all races, while keeping in mind the owners preferences.
  • Total clipping ... For maximum hygiene this short cut (with the exception of the head and tail) is ideal for the summer months.
  • Shampooing .... We use one of the top specialised brands ESPREE for all fur types... White, long, untangling, anti flea and anti parasites.
  • Nail clipping.... Nails need to be regularly clipped for the comfort of your dog.
  • Head care..... We carefully examine and clean your dog's eyes and ears to eliminate the risk of inflammation .
  • Dental Care.... This is not always easy and we can take care of it while grooming your animal.
  • Parfuming.... We finish up with a spray of EZGROOM so you dogs smells good to greet you.

Extra services:

  1. VIP express services
  2. We walk your dog in our secure garden reserved for your dogs business.
  3. You are welcome to stay with your pet while we do the washing and grooming.

Grooming prices:

Our prices vary according to the size, race and length of fur of your animal.  Prices listed or given over the phone are approximate and we need to see the dog to give an exact quote.

Prices for the grooming  going down in September 2016:

Bath, blow dry, nail clip:
0lb to 50lb 15$
50lb to 100lb $25
100lb and over $35

Hair cut, bath , blow dry, nail clip:
0lb to 50lb $30
50lb to 100lb $50
100lb and over $70

Hair brush $10 (20min )
Special treatment  (flea&tick, medicated shampoo, de shed, skin issues...) $6
Manual de shed (20min ) $10
De mating  $8
Teeth brushing $5
Nail filling  $5

Special treatment such as VIP service in and out ( means the groomer will only work on your dog ) $10.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment. (803) 644-0421